• Alvaro Beck

  • CEO / Director

Alvaro Beck started his career very early on in Porto Alegre, soon after graduating in Publicity and Advertising.

In 1992, he established Making Of, his first production company.

His work gained rapid recognition and after less than two years won the best awards in the advertising market in the South of Brazil.

As a result, he was invited to participate in a new project by O2 Filmes, known at the time as O2 Dois, and moved to São Paulo in 1996, where he made his debut in the Brazilian national market, directing commercials for its most important advertising agencies.

He has also worked for the production companies Film Planet and Dínamo Filmes. Back in Porto Alegre, he founded Farofa Filmes in 2002.

Highlighted in the English magazine The Reel, in the special South America edition in April 2004, in 2006 he was also indicated by American Boards Magazine as one of the main Brazilian directors.

Alvaro has won some of the most relevant Brazilian advertising awards such as Colunistas and Voto Popular About awards.

He had important international recognition in awards such as the London Festival, El Ojo de Iberoamerica and Cannes Lions, in 2006, with the film “Bird”, for Neolsaldina, created by Fischer. Furthermore, Beck is also special advisor to the LEAG – Local Expert Agency Group.


  • Gabriel Rocca

  • Director and Photographer

Gabriel Rocca is a photographer and film director. He currently heads his photography studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Gabriel has conducted campaigns and films for brands recognized throughout Latin America. Among these are Nike, Pantene, Seda, Falabella, Philips, Sony, Cadillac, Ripley, Gancia, Zingara and Fasano.

Alongside these are the most well-known Argentine brands, such as Etiqueta Negra, Caro Cuore, Rochas, Kosiuko, Cheeky, Ona Saez and La Dolfina.

His studio has already realized full productions for TV in Argentina and Latin America, including Roccandolls, The Influencers, All that Show for LifestyleTV; Divas en Exceso for Telefe; Fantasías Y Super M for Canal 13 and the series The Pleasure for Playboy. His career includes various photography exhibitions, such as Divas en Exceso at the Malba gallery in Buenos Aires (2005).

Rocca has published books such as Corazón Argentino, Charly, Rocca 1, Rocca 2.1 and Rocca 2.2. He also carries out various BTL actions, where big brands – such as Seda, Cadbury, Gancia, Converse, Disney and Goodyear – have connected to his name in specific actions.

He recently produced the film Herencia Argentina, about a group of 30 riders of classic motorbikes and their 2 year journey across Argentina. Rocca is also responsible for campaigns for St Regis in Nova York, Fasano in Brazil, The Crest in India and Laguna Escondida in Uruguay.


  • César Augusto

  • Director

César Augusto was born in Stuttgart (Germany) and has lived in Portugal since he was young.

His career has always been connected with the arts and communication. He is a young filmmaker and precursor in the fashion cinematography area in Portugal.

His vast work includes films for national and international brands such as Tiffosi, Cheyenne, Reveri, Onara, Mellow Rose, Red Hot and Seaside, and stands out for its versatility and adaptation to different media.

In addition to the fashion market, he also works in the documentary and music areas, which gives his projects a constantly innovative character and an understanding of advertising films that goes beyond marketing.

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  • Jasser Rossetto

  • Diretor

Jasser Rossetto started his career in advertising agencies as a copywriter.

After a period of study in London, in 2004, he went back to Brazil inspired to work with his two greatest passions: creativity and cinema.

He debuted as a director in 2009, when he directed a series of videos for musician Kris Gruen, son of legendary rock photographer Bob Gruen. As a film director he has obtained recognition in awards such as Profissionais do Ano Rede Globo, Anuário da Propaganda and Colunistas.

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